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Trek Maui 

Never Stop Exploring

Trek the World

About Us 

Life is a Trek

Trek Maui is a group of friends who have fun making Youtube videos that help people navigate Maui better during their vacations here. 

We are not a business and do not monetize the website currently. The content is purely for your information and entertainment. 

Staying Stoked on Maui

Trek Maui contributors live life here on Maui to the fullest. When we aren’t working we are surfing, spearfishing, free-diving, rock climbing, cycling, hiking, kite-boarding, windsurfing, scuba diving, or just relaxing with our friends on the beach. We are so involved with all Maui has to offer, you know you are getting the best information possible to help guide you around the island. 

Maui Kiteboarding
Maui Surfing
Maui Freediving
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