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Advanced Snorkeling Spots in Maui

Shark at Mala Ramp

Do you want to see eagle rays, sharks, barracuda, eels, dolphins, and possibly whales on your snorkel here in Maui? If you are a very good swimmer, have the ability to free dive at least 10 feet, and know how to use a snorkel properly keep reading, if not, please head back to the beginner snorkeling spots blog.

These spots I am about to go over may have a strong current, difficult entry and exit points, and contain potentially dangerous ocean creatures so please do not go to these areas if you are not very experienced in the ocean.

The list below proceeds from least advanced to most, so hazards increase the further down the list you go, but the spots get a lot cooler if you can handle them.

1. Mala Ramp/Pier, Lahaina

Mala ramp is my go to spot to have a great all around snorkel and free dive experience. This spot is so special because the collapsed pier created an amazing ecosystem for a large variety of ocean life. Every time I go I’ll see a few white tip reef sharks, turtles, eels, and plenty of fish. The deepest this spot goes is about 35 feet at the end of the pier, so it’s an easy, playful drop for those of you advanced in free diving. Entry and exit can be a little dangerous at low tide, if the tide is too low you may want to walk along the jetty on the right side of the pier to jump directly into deeper water.

2. La Perouse Bay, Makena

La Perouse Bay is an underwater wonderland of amazing coral heads and copious swarms of fish. You can jump in either at the parking lot or a few different spots down the king’s trail further south from the parking lot. Entry and exit is on sharp lava rock so be careful. This spot has one of the best potentials for dolphin spottings so be ready for that, it’s not a swarm of sharks racing towards you. Drops here are only about 35 feet as well within the reef.

3. Oneuli Beach, Makena

This snorkel is for very strong swimmers. You’ll get in at the black sand beach at Oneuli and swim out towards the point on your left. On your way you’ll see a lot of cool coral heads and some tropical fish as you proceed to the 60 feet depth out by the point. Once at the point the current will hit you and begin sucking you south towards little beach. On this stretch to little beach you may begin to see some larger oceanic sharks, eagle rays, barracuda, ahi, mahi mahi, and whales….and when you get to little beach you may see some nude patrons so be ready for that, also be ready to either have someone pick you up at Makena State Park or walk or swim back to Oneuli.

Again, enter these spots at your own risk. You must be an advanced swimmer to snorkel to these locations. Other than that, enjoy your snorkel, I hope you see some cool stuff.

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