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Don’t do these Activities in Maui without Professional Assistance

Beach Caution Sign

Time for some straight talk about safety on Maui, why, because I care about you and your family enjoying Maui safely. This place is a magical natural theme park, but unlike an artificial theme park, Maui does not have safety restraints or warnings around its activities.

Many activities may seem harmless, but hidden dangers are present. In this post I will explain the top activities you should hire a professional to assist you on to keep you and your family safe.

1. Surfing

If you aren’t an experienced surfer, Maui is definitely not the place to just rent a board and paddle out. There are 4 big factors that make surfing in Maui dangerous: wind, swell, sharp reef, and currents. Without a guide you may find yourself getting blown to southeast Asia, pummeled by the swell, cut up by sharp rocks and reef, or swept out to sea by a rip current. It’s hard to hear, but its true; hire a surf instructor.

2. Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

There’s really no controlled environment in Maui where zero dangers exist when you decide to kick out to go snorkeling and scuba diving here. Entrances into the water can be slippery or sharp, currents can sweep you out to sea, sea urchins and other sea creatures can harm you if you aren’t aware of them, and the wind can kick up and make the water choppy, murky and difficult to swim in. Investment in a guide to take you out will not only keep you safe, but also will help you see so much more as they know where to find all the best fish, turtles, and coral reefs.

3. Boogie Boarding

Boogie boarding may seem like a harmless activity, but in Maui the shore break can be very dangerous. There are very few places where you can body board and not get slammed into the sand after completing your ride.

4. Hiking

Hiking can get very dangerous if you don’t know what to expect after entering the trailhead. Flash floods occur, paths can be very slippery, you can easily get lost and have no phone service to find your way out, and you may find yourself having to make dangerous climbs and descents.

5. Rappelling

This one is kind of obvious, especially if you have zero experience. Flash floods can occur in all valleys, volcanic rock can be very loose, and you could easily take a drop and not be able to find a safe way back up. Go rappelling with Rappel Maui for a fun and safe time rappelling off waterfalls.

6. Cycling

Many of the roads in Maui do not have shoulders and are very curvy. It’s very easy to not be seen by a driver checking out the views or going around a turn too quickly. The safest option for many of you would be to book a tour with one of the group biking companies on the island.

I want everyone to be able to experience Maui to the fullest, but I want everyone to do it safely! Please consult a professional before engaging in the above activities unless you yourself are a professional in them. Thank you for checking out this post and I hope you and your group has a wonderful and safe vacation!

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