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Don’t Visit Maui Without Doing These 3 Activities

Tourists Driving Around Maui

It is very easy to get off the plane, drive to your hotel, and crash out on either a pool chair or the lazy boy at the Hotel upon landing in Maui.

I won’t condemn you for flying halfway across the Pacific Ocean for doing what you could do at home, but I believe there’s at least a bare minimum of 3 things you should do in Maui before you leave. Just make sure you at least do these 3 things and you’re welcome to go back to laying out at the hotel pool.

1. Haleakala Crater

There’s really nothing quite like Haleakala crater in the world so don’t miss it. From the top of the crater you get an epic view of Big Island, Kahoolawe, Molokini, Lanai, and all of Maui. As you walk into the crater you’ll be confused as to whether or not you’re still on earth or just teleported to Mars. There’s stunning views of the volcanic sediment and crater cliffs that you won’t see anywhere else in the world. Coming up to the crater for sunrise is overhyped, the sunset is just as good if not better.

2. Road to Hana

If you’re staying in the resorts on the west side of the island, you may be confused by all the jungle pictures you’ve seen of Maui because all you’ve seen so far is the desert side. The magical jungle you may have come for can be found on the Road to Hana. There is much talk over it being a dreadful drive but it’s definitely worth it for the spectacular views of the jungles, cliff sides, black sand beaches, red sand beaches, and of course the countless waterfalls. If the drive worries you, book a guide with Trek Maui to help take over the wheel and show you all the best spots.

3. West Loop

So you’ve seen the jungles in Hana and been through the forests up to Mars, time to journey to yet another series of diverse landscapes on the West Loop drive. I am referring of course to driving around the west end of the island from Wailuku to Kaanapali. On this journey you’ll see beautiful rolling hills, many stunning cliff sides, a blow hole, and gorgeous tide pools.

There’s many other countless activities to do on Maui but you can rest easy if you can at least accomplish these 3. If you think you may want a guide to ensure your excursions are the best they can be, book with Trek Maui today.

So go ahead, go relax at the pool now.

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