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Easiest and Safest Hikes for Kids and Beginners in Maui

Bamboo Hike

Ladders, ropes, rivers, streams, mud, thorn bushes, flash flooding, rock climbs, cliff-sides, and waterfall climbs, all obstacles you may be facing if you wander off on a hike that you haven’t done your research on.

It seems like about 80% of Maui hikes contain a combination of the hazards listed above, which is why we are making this list for those of you just looking for an easy and safe hike for you and your family.

1. Iao Valley State Park

Iao Valley State Park is located in the heart of the lush West Maui mountains. It contains a nice paved quarter mile trail leading up to a view of the “Iao Needle” (a needle looking mountain formation) and a dazzling view down the valley. This is definitely one of the easiest and safest hikes you can find on Maui.

2. Pipiwai Trail

This hike can be found on the south east side of Maui in the Haleakala Natational Park Kipahulu District Park. This trail makes number 2 because it is hands down the best hike that is also maintained by the state so it has limited hazards. It is however a little more advanced than the Iao Valley hike as it is 4 miles round trip with an 800 foot elevation gain. It features a stroll through a bamboo forest, a large banyan tree, small waterfalls, and reaches the stunning 400 foot Waimoku Waterfall at the end of the trail.

If that still seems like too much hiking, the park also has the much shorter Kuloa Point Trail just past the visitor information building.

The Kuloa Point Trail is a half mile round trip trail passing by Hawaiian Cultural Demonstration area and leads to the mouth of where the Seven Sacred Pools empties into the ocean. A pretty cool sight to see with waterfalls on your left and cliffs and the ocean on your right. This trail is also maintained and safe for beginners.

This wraps up safe and easy trails I would consider actual hikes in Maui. Anything else close to being considered a safe trail is just a short stroll out of your car to an overlook, which you can find those on your own driving around Maui.

If you feel your group needs assistance on any hikes, be sure to book an experienced guide here at Trek Maui.

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