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Popular Workout Spots With A View In Maui

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

Pali Trail

Calling all workout junkies visiting Maui. Don’t run in a hotel gym, Maui offers plenty of beautiful natural playgrounds for your workout sessions.

It’s true, you can get your workout done almost anywhere on Maui and have a great view, but I’m just going to go over the top 3 that locals and visitors prefer.

1. Pali Trail (Windmill Hike)

The trail is easy to find, just find the big white windmills along the west Maui Mountains. There’s an entrance on the east and west side of the trail. The Pali trail definitely makes number one for overall popularity, view, and quality of workout. The trail is a 4.3 mile round trip climb with an epic view of East Maui and the ocean from the north and south ends of Maui. If you are familiar with Koko Head in Oahu, this is the Koko head of Maui, aka this is the short strenuous popular workout hike of Maui.

2. Baldwin Beach

Baldwin beach is located right before Paia town. This is by far the best beach to get your workout on in Maui, primarily because the sand is dense enough to run on; other beaches sand is bad for running. The beach is a 1.5 mile stretch from Baldwin east west to Baby beach. Baby beach has a nice 60 meter tide pool you can swim laps in and to the back of the beach there’s pull up and dip bars.

3. Waihe’e Ridge Trail

Another popular workout hike in Maui is the Waihe’e Ridge Trail located just past Wailuku on the West Maui Mountains. This trail is about 5 miles round trip with a 1,600 foot climb. It has amazing views of Iao Valley and the Ocean. Bring plenty of water and possibly a rain jacket as it is on a rainy side of the mountain.

That wraps up the most popular workout spots in Maui. If you feel like you need a guide or a workout buddy, book a guide with Trek Maui and we’ll be happy to workout with you.

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