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Top 10 Mistakes Tourists Make When Planning Their Maui Vacation

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Maui Tourists

So you've done your research and decided Maui was the Hawaiian island you want to vacation on, now what to do when you land?

Maui offers so many thrilling activities and awesome sights, how could you possibly plan to pack it all in a week? The truth is you can't in just a week, so you better not make any mistakes planning your vacation.

Hence the reason why we compiled this list of the biggest mistakes tourists make when traveling to Maui to make sure your vacation is the best it can be.

1. Not Checking the Weather.

This is the most obvious. Don't come here when Maui is in the path of 3 hurricanes. Hurricane season here last between August and September, so something to consider so you are not bundled up seeking shelter in you hotel room all week. April is also one of the most rainy times here so you may want to avoid that month as well, but if you don't mind the rain plane tickets are usually cheapest during this time.

2. Beach day at the wrong beaches.

Maui has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world! However, if you don't do your research you'll end up spending your day at one of the very sub-par ones... Different beaches offer different activities. Some beaches are good for snorkeling, some good for boogie boarding, some for surfing, and some for the view. If you go to the wrong beach you may be boogie boarding in neck breaking waves or snorkeling in murky water. Check our blog posts for a guide to Maui's best beaches.

3. Not wearing enough sunscreen.

It can be quite comical when visiting the airport on Maui, you'll see two types of people, pale and red as a lobster. You can guess which ones are coming or going...

4. Snorkeling at the wrong spots.

Snorkeling is a little tricky on Maui as conditions are always changing. Monitor the wind and currents before picking a spot. Also, do your research, some spots offer more fish and coral than others, and some are just outright murky and have no ocean life.

5. Stopping at the wrong spots on the Road to Hana.

The Road to Hana is a long venture, don't waste your time stopping at the wrong spots. Do your research and don't end up driving back on those winding roads in the dark.

6. Eating at the wrong restaurants.

Compared to many other vacation spots, I wouldn't consider Maui on one of the top places for dining. Most places are obviously using bland Costco ingredients to save money on the bottom line. Some of the gems are genuinely using fresh caught fish and Maui grown beef and vegetables.

7. Booking the wrong snorkel boat.

First thing to consider is how large is the boat? You will have a much better experience on a smaller boat with less people. The larger boats are considered the Wal-Marts of the boating experiences, cheaper food and you are herded around like cattle. The next thing to consider is whether the boat is snorkeling at Molokini Crater or Lanai? Molokini Crater offers more clear water but less fish than Lanai. You may also see more dolphins at Lanai.

8. Not booking a surf instructor.

I can guarantee you will catch 10x more waves and have 100x more fun if you book a surf lesson instead of renting boards and going out on your own. The instructor knows where to position you on the wave, will keep you safe, and help push you into waves. Most Trek Maui guides are all excellent surfers by the if you need some help, you may want to book a guide, make sure you email saying you want to surf.

9. Coming expecting to see Whales or Jaws in the summer.

Whales come between November and stay through February or March. The legendary Jaws surf break is also only breaking between that time, and may only break good around 12 - 14 times during that window. So if you plan on coming to Maui and experiencing either of those, you may want to book during the winter time.

10. Not booking a Personal Guide.

Of course we are going to throw this one in there, we're a guide business. So what are you waiting for, book with us and guarantee your family the best Maui vacation ever!

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