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Top 3 Maui Beach Day Beaches

Big Beach

Odds are you came to vacation on Maui to go hang out at the beach for at least a couple of your days here. Maui has so many beaches to choose from how do you decide which one’s to spend your precious time at?

There’s specific beaches that are best for various activities you may want to participate in while here on vacation, but not many, if any, have it all, by all I mean you can surf, boogie board, snorkel, or just lay out with an epic view all at one beach.

The intent of this blog is to provide my top 3 beaches that are best for those of you that want to just relax on the beach with an amazing view and maybe occasionally splash around in the water.

1. Big Beach (Makena State Park)

Big beach is hands down the best beach day beach, at least in my opinion, but I think most people would agree. Overall this is one of the most beautiful beaches, has pristine water, good sand, doesn’t collect ocean garbage on the shore, and there’s plenty of room so you can have some space. This isn’t a beach for awesome snorkeling, boogie boarding or really any water activity outside of getting in to cool off (just be mindful of the shore break). On larger swells you may see experienced locals surfing the far east and west ends of the beach, but for your average beach goer, this is not a safe place for you to surf. Bring a cooler, beach chairs, umbrellas, and enjoy the vista.

2. Slaughterhouse (Mokulei'a Bay Beach)

Despite the aggressive name, this is one of Maui’s best beach gems. This beach is tucked down in a ridge before you get to Honolua Bay. This beach is in a gorgeous location, has beautiful sand, clear water, and good snorkeling. A highly recommended spot for you to spend one of your beach days at.

3. D.T. Fleming Beach Park (Honokahua Bay Beach)

Voted America’s Best Beach in 2003 I feel obligated to include this beach in the top 3. This beach is located a little north of the Ritz Carlton in Kapalua. This beach usually has clean sand, good boogie board waves, and plenty of space on the beach for you to spread out on. There’s a nice view of Moloka’i and Honolua Bay for you to stare off into while you relax. Definitely include this beach on your third beach day.

So in between snorkeling charters and jungle explorations, you’re all set with filling your remaining time on Maui with quality time on Maui’s best beach day beaches. If you feel your group needs any assistance for your beach days whether it be with snorkeling or boogie boarding, book a guide with Trek Maui.

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