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Top 4 Workouts While Having Fun on Your Maui Vacation

Tourists Hiking

The Island of Maui has a great energy about it that forces you to stay outside and be active. You may have come here to relax, but you should really consider taking this trip as an opportunity to lose some fat and gain some muscle all while having a blast.

There’s plenty of yoga and cross fit type classes you can attend while here, but I’ll just be covering the workout activities that get you in shape while you’re having fun so you don’t realize you’re working out.

1. Get a SUP or Surf Lesson

This is my favorite way to get a workout on the island. You receive such a great rush when you catch a wave that you don’t realize all the swimming you’re doing in the meantime. If someone told me to swim 2000 meters I would say “heck no”, but while you’re surfing you end up swimming that much and don’t even realize it, until you get out of the water and your arms feel like they’re going to fall off. Surfing works your abs, triceps, shoulders, and biceps so you’ll have your whole upper core covered.

2. Go on a Hike

Maui has a ton of beautiful hikes to go on. Views on the hikes include cliff sides, waterfalls, mountains, jungle greenery, and tide pools. Hikes can range from ½ mile to up to 15 miles on some. Hiking in Maui is another activity where you are so immersed in the awesome experience that you forget you are working out. Hikes are a great leg workout obviously, but some hikes include swimming and climbing with your arms so it is possible to get a full body workout on a hike here.

3. Go Snorkeling

Snorkeling in Maui is a great way to exercise and see an amazing underwater world. You’ll see many colorful tropical fish, coral reefs, and turtles. Before you know it you would have been swimming for several hours and burned a thousand calories in the process. Snorkeling is a great workout for your whole body. Take a snorkeling charter or explore some of the great spots right offshore.

4. Walk or Run on the Beach

Running on sand gives you a much much deeper workout than running on a hard surface. Not only are you getting a better workout, you have a gorgeous view of the coastline while you’re doing it. Depending on the level of burn you want, you can choose different beaches with different sand compaction, some are more compact than others making it a little easier.

Work hard, play hard. After indulging in these strenuous activities you can feel good about having that extra Mai Tai at the end of the day.

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