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Top Free Activities to do with Kids on Maui

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So Mom and Dad, while relaxing in a pool chair with a Mai Tai in hand may sound like your ideal vacation, your kids are going to get bored of that right away. 

Not to worry, Maui has plenty of activities to keep the kiddos occupied the entire vacation, and we’ve compiled a list of the best free activities. 

1. Find Sea Turtles. 

It’s free, and I can’t think of anything that makes kid’s more excited when they come to Maui than to see a Sea Turtle. Check our Sea Turtle blog for the best locations. 

2. Beach Day at Sprecklesville Baby Beach. 

If you have kids less than 3 years old this is the perfect beach for you. This beach has a beautiful vista and a perfect protected swimming tide pool/cove for you and your little ones to splash around in. There are also usually some sea turtles laying out on the beach here. 

3. Snorkeling offshore. 

Maui has plenty of great reefs right offshore to take your kids to, no need to book a charter boat to take you to them. Check out our other blogs for the best locations depending on your kids’ skill levels. 

4. Drive the west loop. 

Driving around the west side of Maui makes for an amazing day filled with incredible views of rolling hills, stunning cliff sides, a blow hole, multiple tide pools, and jungles. 

5. Drive the Road to Hana. 

While this drive is often talked about as a dreadfully long winding excursion, it is a must do when coming to Maui. You’ll experience beautiful waterfalls, swimming holes, black and red sand beaches, lush jungles, and much much more, don’t miss out on taking your family on this magical journey. 

As you can see, if you do your research, there’s plenty to do on Maui without having to crack open your wallet for expensive tours. 

If however, you feel your family needs assistance snorkeling or being led around the island, book a guide with Trek Maui and we’ll help make sure you and your family has the best vacation. 

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