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What Clothes to Pack For Maui – Understanding the Climate Zones

UpCountry Maui

Packing for Maui should be simple. Swimsuit, tank top, and sunscreen. While just packing clothes for a hot tropical climate seems like you should be covered for Maui’s weather, it’s not.

Maui has several different climate zones so you should be prepared for each if you plan on stepping foot outside of your hotel room.

1. South West and South East Maui

I am referring to the locations you will most likely be staying if you are staying in a Hotel in Maui. Wailea and Kaanapali area have similar climates. These are the resort areas and usually have the climate you would expect in Hawaii, Hot, but breezy. Packing your normal beach wear for this area should suffice. If you are someone who gets cold easy you may want to get a heater top for the water, it can get a little cold after a while in the water, and can get chilly from the wind when you get out.

2. North West and North East Maui

Here I am referring to Wailuku, Paia, Haiku, and Hana Climates. These areas can be hit or miss with rain, but their locations do attract the rain much more so than the hot dry climates of the resort areas. Being on an island, showers may pop up out of nowhere especially during the winter time so you want to be prepared. You want to either have a poncho or a thin rain jacket at the ready for these areas. You don’t want a heavy jacket because it may be raining but its still hot and you’ll burn up if you’re wearing something insulated.

3. Upcountry

Here I am referring to Makawao, Pukalani, and Haleakala area. When you visit these areas you do want something insulated as its gets quite cold with the elevation, especially up on Haleakala. You may just need pants and a hoodie in Makawao and Pukalani, but if you go up to Haleakala, especially for sunrise or sunset, you’re going to want to be wearing a heavy coat or several winter layers; it’s been known to snow occasionally up there.

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