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What is the West Side of Maui?

Kapalua Area

When the West Side of Maui is referred to, we are talking about the essentially the entire West side of the island, so the north, south, east and west end of the section of Maui on the West end of the entire island..if you follow me.

The southern end is a desert climate with good beaches and excellent snorkeling and diving.

As you move a little more northwest you begin to get a more tropical climate and will see more jungle scenery, green rolling hills, and cliff sides.

Towns in this region are called Lahaina, Kaanapali, Honokowai/Napili, and Kapalua.

Lahaina was an old whaling town and once the capital of Hawaii. Now it is bustling with boutiques, art galleries, bars, and restaurants. Many charter boats are located here as well as the famous massive banyan tree.

Kaanapali is a stretch packed with one resort after another along the long and beautiful Kaanapali Beach and likely where many of you reading this will be staying.

Honokawai and Napili holds a more local population but there are many private condo rentals here. Beaches aren’t as beautiful and tourists friendly as others on the west side.

Kapalua is the luxury resort area of the west side. It has a little cooler climate, beautiful and unique beaches, good surfing during the winter for intermediate to advanced surfers, and good snorkeling on flat days.

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