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Road to Hana Travel Guide 

Aloha and welcome to Trek Maui’s full East Maui loop guide to the Road to Hana! 

We don’t intend on spoiling the trip for you by showing everything in great detail, but we’ll be sure to cover the basics to make sure you don’t miss the best spots or spend too much time at the “not as great” spots. 

If you plan on doing the full loop you’re going to want to be starting the Road to Hana as early as possible, 6am if you’re up to it to make sure you have time to enjoy everything. 

Please enjoy all sights and sounds gone over at your own risk. 

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Paia TOwn

Paia Town is the first place you’ll be driving through on the Road to Hana if you are starting from the North side.

This early everything will be closed except the gas station so plan on experiencing Paia Town another day.

Last chance to get gas. 

Ho'okipa Beach Park

You may see surfers at Ho’okipa this early and be able to grab some cool photos of them and the beautiful beach.


If you park and walk down to the sand head to the north end of the beach and you can usually catch a lot of turtles catching some sleep.


Give them their space, DLNR recommends at least 10’. 

JAWs &Store

You don’t have time to drive down the muddy roads to Jaws Surf Break, but thought it would be worth mentioning that you are passing it when you see Hahana Road on your left.


You’ll also soon pass the Jaws Country Store where you can grab some breakfast and souvenirs.

Twin Falls

Mile Marker #2. A very popular first stop for many as they see everyone parked there and head in.


If you are doing the full loop we don’t recommend going in. Twin falls has short, easy, maintained jungle hikes to small 10-15’ waterfalls and a food truck outside.


The waterfalls do not compare to the one’s you’re about to see. 

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