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Road to Hana

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Upper Waikani Falls

(3 Bears) 

Mile Marker #19. Worth a stop, but don’t stop in your car. Many car accidents happen here, and it is also illegal to park here.


Park about a 1/10th mile past it and walk down safely along the road to snap some pictures. And if you’re skilled enough, do the hike on the north end of the bridge that leads down to the base of the waterfalls.


When the flow is just right, these 3 beautiful waterfalls are a wondrous and iconic sight to behold and get some great pictures of. 

Pua’a Ka’a State Wayside 

Mile Marker #22. You’ll see a small waterfall and pool on your right proceeded by covered picnic tables on this hill above it and then bathrooms on the left side of the road.


There isn’t anything spectacular to stop and see here unless you have to go to the bathroom. 

Lava Tube Cave

Mile Marker #23. Just past mile marker 23 if you look closely on your right you’ll see about a 4 foot by 3 foot hole with roots growing in it.


If you have a flashlight and want to check it out we recommend going in. Its not a very long cave but it has more formations than you’d expect in a lava tube, a neat little quick stop. 


Mile Marker #25. You’ll see a road on your left that goes down to Nihiku. You’ll drive down until you see a road closed sign.


Park across from the church and walk past the road closed signs. This is about an eighth mile hike to a pretty pool and waterfall, a view of cliff sides, and a waterfall pouring into the ocean.  


It is a bit of a time consuming drive down so we recommend skipping it. 

Nahiku Marketplace

Past Mile Marker #28 you’ll see the Nahiku Marketplace. There are about 6-7 restaurants in here and a couple gift shops.


You can find Seafood,  Hawaiian BBQ, Thai food, and Mexican food in here.


A good place to stop and eat if you have a group with multiple appetites since the restaurants in Hana are spread out.

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