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Road to Hana

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Wai’anapanapa State Park (Black Sands Beach) 

Mile Marker #32. Take the left onto Wai’anapanapa Road and Drive all the way down.


This park is one of the most diverse on the island.


See the famous black sand beach, climb through a sea cave that starts in the sand and leads out to the ocean, see an amazing volcanic sea arch, experience a blow hole when the swell is up, swim in the bay if the swell is down, camp with a permit, and hike along the beautiful volcanic cliff sides. 

Hana Bay

After leaving Wai’anapanapa, taking a left out, it may be worth your while to stop by Hana Bay on your left down Keawa Place.


This is the local hangout area so not necessarily and place for you to stop and hang out but you can grab some pictures of the blackish sand beach and if you want there’s a short hike on the north end that leads to a tiny red sand beach. 

Red Sand Beach (Kaihalulu Beach) 

Once a secret beach, it appears this place is fair game to inform you about now based on how much coverage it gets on all the guidebooks.


Drive down to the end of Uakea Road, you’ll see a school and  community center, and find legal parking along the road. You’ll see a field at the end of the road, walk across the field and you’ll see the path to Red Sands.


A fair warning, you should be a pretty good hiker as this trail is very narrow and has slippery ash cinders along the whole way, it is also on private property so enter at your own risk.


Definitely worth the hike down if you’re agile enough to make it down. You’ll see the red sand beach positioned in a beautiful cove with a protected area to swim in. 

Koki Beach

Drive down Haneo’o Road and the first beach you’ll see on your left will be the beautiful Hamoa Beach.


About a 400 foot white sand stretch with a beautiful cliff lining the south end and a beautiful view of Alau Island off in the distance.


Visitors are not advised to go swimming in this beach due to the current but it’s definitely worth a look. 

Hamoa Beach 

Further down Haneo’o Road you’ll see Hamoa Beach on your left.


A beautiful white sand crescent beach wedged between two cliff sides.


This beach is a good place to get in the water to swim, surf, and boogie board. Worth a gander at the least. 

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