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Top Reasons to Vacation in Maui

Why should Maui be your next travel destination?

Trying to decide between vacationing in the mountains, the jungle, the desert, or a tropical beach? No need, Maui has a great combination of it all. 

Satisfy the whole family’s vacationing desires in one trip. Go snorkeling in beautiful reefs, hiking through lush jungles to amazing waterfalls, catch a tan on a gorgeous beach, and trek through brisk mountain air in a dormant volcano. 

The variety of activities and awe inspiring views on Maui are endless. 


Maui’s crystal clear waters and booming reefs make it a world renown destination for snorkeling and scuba diving. You’ll have the opportunity to experience sea turtles, tropical fish, octopus, dolphins, and eagle rays. 

Between about November and April huge pods of humpback whales arrive and can be seen on charter boats and even just from shore! 


During the winter months escape the cold and come see the world’s most fearless men chase the big waves on the north shore. Waves in the winter range from 20 - 60 feet! 

If you’re looking to surf, there’s plenty of beginner and advanced surf spots for you. 

Also, Maui has some of the greatest windsurfing, and kitesurfing in the world as the wind usually blows 300 days a year here! 


Whether you’re an advanced cyclist or a beginner looking for a fun time, Maui has great options for you. 

Advanced cyclist can embark on the 10,000 foot climb up Haleakala, make the century ride around the jungles of the Hana Road loop, or ride the West Island loop over rolling hills and along stunning cliff

Beginner cyclists can cheat and book a lift with a downhill bike company up Haleakala and enjoy the adrenaline filled and beautiful views down the mountain all the way to the beach. 


Maui has over 30 miles of some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world. Check out black, white, and red sand beaches all on one island! 

Beaches for boogie boarding, surfing, snorkeling, and just great views for laying out and catching some Hawaiian sun. 

Local Food 

Get your fill on local favorites such as fresh ahi poke bowls, teriyaki chicken plate lunches, fruit açaí bowls, and pork Lau Lau. Most Maui seafood is pulled directly out of the surrounding ocean and served up fresh, clean, and delicious. 


Maui has 6 historical town districts with many amazing local designer boutiques and world renown local art galleries. 

There’s something for everyone on the magical wonderland known as the island of Maui. You won’t go wrong on booking your next dream vacation when you choose to vacation in Maui. 

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